Today I love

Having breakfast in the sunshine
And watching the morning light move across the grassLooking up and seeing that azure sky
that sky that says "I am a beautiful day - go out and explore me"
Finishing and sending off orders
And that satisfying feeling of tying on a little tag
Coming down from my room to find my wonderfully cooled and set apple and blueberry pie(what a lengthy process that was - it was finally released from the oven at about midnight)

Today I am going to make the most of this beautiful day. I am going to meet up with an old school friend - we haven't seen each other for about five years! We decided to have a picnic in the botanical gardens and perhaps pop into the art gallery to see some of the binalle exhibitions. I haven't had a "real" picnic in a while (Mad and my solstice morning tea doesn't count because we're only on the back patio) and they are one of my absolute favourite things to do. Plus it nice to go to the gardens and see all the cute bats hanging upside down and sleeping in the trees.

What will you do today?