Off to the bush, the birds and the sea

Tomorrow I am breaking free of here. At least for a little while. I am off up the coast to visit my dad. It will be nice to see the little ones again who I don't see nearly enough. And while I'm there I intend to:

*embrace getting away from the city and noise for a few days
*go to a dance on Saturday night and do some old waltzes, reels and polkas to the sound of fiddles and banjos (its the Scottish in me)
*take the old bicycles for a spin down by the water
*go for a bush walk
*listen to the birds
*give a copious amount of hugs
*laugh a lot

Have a lovely, relaxing and serendipitous weekend,
I shall see you all again on Tuesday!

p.s. I would like to live in a lighthouse one day -
And I'd give the ships a super-fantastic light show...