This Lady She Got Totes

I've got a lot of totes at the moment. A LOT. And they are desperate to be loved and used; thrown haphazardly on the kitchen table, banged into old, unassuming ladies, stuffed with giant baguettes and artichokes, filled with books or chocolate (or both), stolen by siblings, mothers, children - just yearning for a new home. They're squashable, light, 100% cotton and sewn with love.
So in celebration of all my bags and their desire to fly away they will be on sale in my etsy shop for the rest of June. They are all $17 (15% off) And if that's not tempting enough each tote will come with a hand-printed moleskin journal. I know I'm beginning to sound like those cheesy TV saleswomen; but I've had a lot of fun printing on other mediums (like journals) and you can never NEVER have too many to write and draw in.And because I'm feeling particularly jovial - if you buy a print (sketch or lino) you will receive a little hand-printed pocket sized journal for free.Now my friends I am off to do some well-deserved cooking. I've also got a giant pile of notes and sad looking flashcards beside my bed to attend to (Arabic was fun but hard!) And really, you can never have too many bags can you?