Things to do with vine ripe tomatoes

Smell them. Because tomatoes grown naturally in someone's backyard - ripened red on the vine -
they actually smell. Not like those faceless GM ones you see looking sad in the supermarket... these are redder, sweeter and just generally nicer in temperament (lots of wavy seeds inside, perfect texture). So after smelling them for a good long while; breathing in all the natural rain and wind and earth you will
Make the most delicious tomato and basil soup you've ever had
And have them on toast for breakfast - blended up Spanish style.
(Yes lots of olive oil and a pinch of salt is a must)

Sigh. Memories of Spain;Now I think I should stop reminiscing and do some still life painting because I am soooooo smitten with these glorious red globes and I don't know if I'll ever eat such delicious and scrumptious tomatoes again...