Sweet Wednesdays

I had a good sit on the back patio this afternoon. I soaked up a little warm light (before it disappears at 5pm). I was watching the sky; it seemed remarkable this afternoon; a soft, whippy haze... if the sky was a cake it would be damn delicious.I managed to get some good study in this morning. It was a relief and it was nice to feel studious for a few hours... but why is it you don't get nearly HALF as much reviewed as you set out to do?! Let me reemphasise that for all its enjoyment and beauty there is nothing easy about learning Arabic! Its the first of my exams on Saturday and will undoubtedly my hardest.

So having done some study I thought that a bit of fruit carving was appropriate:
I am really liking the red apple. And how could I not make a few more womanly pears...