Tree Hugging

I am not feeling myself today. And I don't mean to sound silly and whingy but I'm feeling restless and uneasy. My exams start this coming weekend so I really need to do some good solid study. I am finding it difficult. Usually I'd procrastinate with some crafty endeavour or sketch or write until I get a little sparked up and can just seamlessly move back into the gritty stuff but it isn't working today. Maybe its the temperamental weather. Maybe its that there is a lot of tension in the house at the moment from a number of different fronts. I'm just feeling really wound up inside. But I am thinking I just need to give it all a break - just reconnect for a while in my own space - breathe in some fresh air. Heck - even hug a tree. So sweet friends; who give me much joy - do not despair I will be back fresh and enlivened in a little, tiny while.

It was a crisp night
(on the cusp of winter)
We were walking,
and mid-sentence -
wrapped our arms
around your great trunk.
We breathed in your history
in moments of stillness -
only the tapping of faraway footsteps.
We held you;
And you became soft
and warm to the skin.
I know I left an imprint on your heart -
And for a short second
I thought I heard you murmur
It is good to be alive,
When we released our embrace,
resumed our conversation;
breathed in the night -
I felt totally alive.