Birthday Boy

Today my brother turns 21! So a big BIG happy birthday to him - this isn't his cake (I made it on Tuesday for his girlfriend's birthday and it was perhaps the most decadent cheesecake that led to a slow, but delicious chocolate death for all). And for a present I'm taking him to see Bill Bailey (the funniest long-haired man alive) which I know he'll really enjoy too.
Sam amazes me. Not only is he handsome and funny, but he's probably the most generous, loving, kind-hearted 20-something-male I know. He always gives me and my sisters hugs, encouraging words, makes me laugh to the point of clutching my stomach in pain, he's cheeky, usually has the most sensible advice, loves children (seen above with a family friend) , will be the most brilliant high-school English/Japanese teacher, father, husband, friend. So Sam, happy birthday - it is a joy and blessing to be your sister.