An Ode to Mothers

Things I love about my mother
She is beautiful;
like a woman in a Rosetti painting with warm brown eyes and a glowing smile;
She is creative; and can turn her hand to anything;
Everyone who knows her loves her too;
She is deeply spiritual;
And I value her opinions more than anyone elses;
She is sweet-smelling Jasmine in springtime;
She listens;
She grew up in a beach town; was a bit of surfie; and still to this day loves the ocean;
She is patient
And she stops to notice beauty in nature;
She is extremely intelligent - and has directed me to all the great literature I know;
She finds the best in everything; and loves creatures great and small
She has a special bond with cats;
(and babies)She also managed to bring up four peculiar children who love herI have memories of how she'd sing Maddy and I to sleep at night -
And how she read the entire Lord of Rings trilogy to my older brother and sister
(which took a fair few years)
How she let us all cook and experiment in the kitchen and the garden; and do things for ourselves;
How we laugh over silly things like googly eyed gingerbread angels and youtube clips;
How she brought us up to be loving, affectionate, empathetic and opinionated;

I love it when she plays the piano;
And gets excited over the little things;
When I'm away I miss her voice
and her warm hugs;

To my mother fair and sweet;
who makes the sun shine bright-
And brings a smile to a grumpy face...
the most brilliant woman you'll likely meet;
a rare and beautiful sight;
You make me smile.
And her mum?Well. She's wonderful too.
She managed to have eight children which included my brilliant mum;
and work as a primary school teacher all the while;
She loves words. And has the memory of an old, stately library;
She made me love words too - and when she came to visit us she would stay up in bed telling us stories like "The Lorry who longed for honey" and "The Golden Acorn".
When she went to teacher's college she was the poetry editor of their magazine and published poetry under the pseudonym T.H.A.I.S; because she didn't want to seem as though she was including too many of her own poems.
She loves peppermints, butter, marzipan and dark chocolate
(they are her favourite gifts)
She cries when she tells you things that obviously affect her deeply; like a favourite bible verse, a line of poetry; or a sad story.
She loves watching the news and reading the paper;
and when she falls asleep doing so she always claims to just be "resting her eyes";
She often just bursts into song at peculiar moments.
She is my Granny - her name is Nancy;
And I love her with all my heart.