Lupins, Lupine, Genus Lupinas

Did you know my favourite flowers are lupins?

Along with daisies, lilacs, daphne, cornflowers, magnolias, freesias, jasmine, hydrangeas, wattle, and all blossoms; (basically any flower that's hard to find in a flower shop but easy to spot on a morning walk) But I love lupins best because they are wild in spirit; they scatter over landscapes in blushing pinks, purples, whites and yellow. Some say they're pests of a plant; but I am so drawn to them; apparently they can be used as a milk substitute too (which just affirms their goodness to the Earth). I guess that's why I want to live on the south island of New Zealand or Nova Scotia in Canada; to flow with the lupins... one day my dears; one day soon.

**Dearest mother just informed me that she thinks my love of lupins stems from a book she read me as a young lass called "Miss Rumphius" by Barbara Cooney; in wich a woman resolves to make the world a more beautiful place by scattering lupin seeds wherever she can - I have decided I must have this book; so onto my Amazon picture book wishlist it goes**

The house smells good right now;
I have a spicy pumpkin soup simmering;
and a little pot of sliced apples and rhubarb bubbling with a stick of cinnamon and a vanilla bean;

How I dream for a sprawling;
haphazard garden of my own -
where lupins and rhubarb grows side by side
every morning we'll embrace the sun and sky;
and remember how lucky we are to till the earth.