I cannot contain my happiness this morning. The sun is shining - the tea is steaming - the birds are singing - the cat's meowing against my legs... And some delightful person has bought a bag from my etsy shop! That's right. My very very first sale online! For the past few weeks - well ever since I started to sell at etsy I've felt a bit low; and it wasn't just that nothing was sold; it was the feeling of missing out somehow... I have so many wonderful creative, crafty blogging friends who've found a niche and are going swimingly - and my hope is that somewhere down the track I'll find a niche too - because there is something so satisfying about crafting something that somebody else can use and love. And once you've sold one thing; you get the confidence to create a dozen more!

Its always going to be harder trying to "make-it" home-made in a society that worships the trendy and mass-produced; but I am stirring for the revolution - the retreat to the local and loved;

So Thank-you dear friend for stopping by my shop and liking what you saw; you shall definitely be the sweetest tote-wearing person around town,I have also been working on a little logo for my printing - and here is the result; my little curly windhover print bird;Another great happiness this weekend was last night hanging out with my gorgeous little sister (who isn't so little - we're about 18 months apart - and is getting too old and tall for her own good) - we cooked a feast of spicy chicken curry, tomato rice, steamed vegetables and thai rice pudding for desert; with the ever-mysterious and delicious black "forbidden" rice;rice + coconut milk + raspberries = elated stomach

I hope you are all having a refreshing weekend,
taking time to feel the breeze and listen to birds -
and hug someone you really love;