Been Sewing?

(the aftermath - you should see my floor)

I felt like having a themed weekend;
And decided it should be all about houses -
houses B I G and houses s m a l l
(shop update tomorrow)

And a few little houses I wouldn't mind making my home:
On the isle of Iona

Or Port Appin, Oban

Just anywhere in Scotland

Surrounded by fiords in Norway

Or by the sea and lavender in Akaroa

Basically anything that's white-washed
or wooden;
with space for a garden to grow;
little feet to roam;
clear sky;
a cat at the window
otters in the stream -
owls in the trees...
(and a pile of logs against the lean-to)
a room for watching sunshine;
that or a wigwam
(with marshland preferably)Let a girl dream...