Loving the post at present

I received another wonderful little package in the mail - this time - from Kitty Craft. It included a half yard of this beautiful babushka doll linen; a metre of sweet little edging ribbon; and even some little surprises; lace trim and coloured cord;
There was also a delightful Japanese bag book. There is something so inviting about Japanese design; the clean lines, naturual materials, clever ideas...I am already contemplating which design I can use for my tiny sister's belated birthday present - she's six. Any ideas? I'm thinking of threee hot air balloons in mid flight - each with two letters of her name on the basket. Otherwise something like this would be very cool:
I've also added another card pack to my etsy shop - still using my tudor rose linocut - but this time they are painted in lots of different colours and mounted on black card. I think they really stand out against the black - don't you?
Yes. Its still raining. I'm begining to feel like I'm on the other side of the world (we won't mention any names but that small Island that gets a lot of rain and has the Queen) - there's more chance of rain these days than sun! I have always been a lover of rain and cold, but I am really missing my morning walks in the sunshine - still embrace the wet I say!

So back to my green tea and stitching I go...