Leaves Like the Things of Man

On our Leunig calender this month he provides us with an "autumn special: some old leaves reveal their secrets for a long life"; then he has drawn six very different leaves and put a quote under each. My favoruites are:
(under a very holey and battered leaf) "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
(under one whose edges are all curled) "I loved the wind. I had a wonderful relationship with the wind"
And (under a small little red leaf) "on a warm summer night, rustle gently, rustle passionately and rustle often";

So I decided to put a little surprise on my Mother's window sill - if only just to remind her to rustle gently, rustle passionately and rustle often.And on the crafty front I decided it was finally time to get some use out of this flower/butterfly print cotton and make myself a yoga bag . On Christmas Eve I made one for my mum (see here) and it worked a treat - so now we can go off to do our stretching; which might just be walking up to the nearest park but at least we'll have our super cool yoga bags!