I'm going to need another hand soon

At last! A little bit older! I remember birthday's being so much fun when I was small; the modest gifts I'd get - always a nice piece of clothing and a book; the fabulous and artistic cakes mum would create; going to school and having students not believe it was my birthday (being April Fools and all - I really had to compete for it); my brother and older sister playing tricks on me; like waking up one morning when I was 6 and being completely entangled in a giant spider web of wool! And then with puberty birthday's stopped being so fun; they weren't "cool" or something - but in the last couple of years I've come to love them again; and feel that tingly excitement when I wake up; is that strange? Maybe I just like getting older and baking my own birthday cakes.

And how can you not like birthdays when you wake up with this;

And you get a beautiful birthday skirt, felt beads, and supplies for lino printing!
A decade ago I was nine... and the other day I found a little information sheet I filled out about me when I was nine and in year four at school - here are some of the things I wrote:

Height: 144cm
Likes: cooking, spelling, reading, exploring
Dislikes: singing, sport, English

Favourite food: cabbage, lasagna, mango and all fruit
Favourite colour: "purpel"
Favourite animal: sea slug
Favourite book: "The Little White Horse" (Elizabeth Gouge)
My favourite subject: Art
After school I: do homework, play outside, ride my bike
Something that really bugs you: flies!
When I'm older I want to be: An Actress

And 10 years later:

Height: 173cm
Likes: cooking, crafting, doodling, exploring, talking about anything and everything, walking at dusk, dancing while cooking, playing the spoons, dreaming...
Dislikes: empty promises, pointy-toed shoes, metallic clothes, getting brushed by sweaty bodies at concerts, being rushed
Favourite food: baked quinces, ruby grapefruits, cold toast, yogurt + oats + honey
Favourite colour: still purple but also cobalt blue
Favourite animal: a sea slug, an owl or an otter!
Favourite book: "The Little White Horse" (Elizabeth Gouge) but also Jane Eyre (Bronte), The Spire (W. Golding) and an ever-growing amount of poetry; especially David Malouf's Typewriter Music at present...
My favourite subject: Arabic (and art if I could study it right now)

After school(uni) I: procrastinate by doodling, go walking, highlight course readings
Something that really bugs you: when people complain about things they can't possibly change - like public transport; when my attempts to garden herbs fail miserably, and the sound of mosquitoes when trying to fall asleep

And when I'm older I want to be: An Artist; An explorer; A mother; and a professional flower picker

Now really, not that much has changed has it?