Look what I found on my walk.
It Makes me think of a little poem I wrote last year...

Tiny bird of grey and white
fluttering over leaf and bark.
Old tree against the sky that's bright -
Your yellow beak pecks all in sight.
And you'll fly home when its all dark-

Oh Little Bird, Little Lark,
tell me how you fly so light.

On another happy note my long awaited website is working!
You can find it here.
Its still under construction but you can use the navigator to explore the different pages - My older sister Lucinda has designed the layout and I think its lovely. Don't you? It'll be very exciting once all my sketches and prints can be viewed in the gallery. Tomorrow morning Maddy and I are going up the central coast to house-sit for my boss for three days. We're going to hang out (as sisters do), take in sunshine, swim in the ocean every morning, go walking, riding, lots of cooking... and we're both going to set aside quality time for our projects (her major works for school and my book).

Have a wonderful, safe and peaceful next few days!