Hello New Year

New Years resolutions can seem a bit silly; a bit cliche - but I've found it such an interesting and worthwhile process. I like to make goals for myself to work towards; and they don't have to be profound... they can be terribly simple - silly even! But its important to just brainstorm all the things you'd like to do and then just select the ones you most want to do (which was almost all of them for me).

Some things I've learnt from the year that was 2007; that change isn't always immediate; that life is too short to waste; that you can juggle many different things at once if you try; and that being dreamer is all well and good but you've got to start "doing" if you want to make them happen.

Enough said. Here are a few of my resolutions for the new year:

*write + draw every day
*go for more walks
*take a train to nowhere
*buy less - give more
*stop worrying about surface things
*embrace learning - enjoy study - do all the readings
*grow a vegetable garden
*make all my clothes by hand
*write more letters
*take more photographs
*start learning the cello again
*go to more live music and theatre
*fly a kite
*give more hugs and kisses
*be steadfast in faith + diligent in prayer + committed to church
*be thankful for everyday