Time For Some More Sketches

Its been a while I know - but I thought I would post up a few more sketches even though people never seem to respond/comment on them. I'm not quite sure what other people make of them; but they're so much fun to do, and lots of loving time (when I'm mad dialing up the nation at work) goes into them. It always starts small and just grows as I start attaching a story to it - texture is so important - more important that anatomically accurate representations - At least for me... I want my images to transport the viewer to a different world where anything and everything can be as you least imagined it to be! The figures down the bottom are an attempt to start exploring expressions and features in characters for the book I am currently working on. I've also been playing around with cities and how to incorporate them in landscapes in interesting ways. My story is coming along slowly at the moment. I have written a draft and its now just a matter of drafting/re-drafting/editing and plotting out the events in illustrations. Till then I'll just sketch and experiment to my heart's content!